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Print Friendly. Antonio Jose Bolivar is a veteran woods runner of the Amazon. He spent much of his life deep in the jungle.

He has killed men and beast alike, and is an expert outdoorsman and hunter. He considers himself immune to snake venom. Antonio Jose Bolivar Pronao used to live in the mountains of Ecuador. He resided in a small farming village along with his wife, Dolores Encarnacion del Santissimo Sacramento Estupinan Otavalon. His life was mostly happy, if dirt-poor. Being childless was as great shame for the couple, and they ultimately chose to leave the mountains.

They took some government money and became pioneers in the jungle below. The settlers were ill-equipped and untrained. During the first two years most died, including Dolores Encarnacion. However, a nearby Shuar Indian tribe took pity of the settlers. They came in to teach them how to live in the forest. With time, Antonio Jose Bolivar went almost entirely native. During his years in the jungle, Antonio became one of the few men to survive the bite of a X-headed snake.

As a result of this accident, the Shuar considered him fully initiated and a part of their tribe. Antonio made a living hunting snakes for their venom, and occasionally peccaries to sell to settlers.

He mostly lived off the land. As a result, the ageing Antonio moved to El Idilio, on the shores of the Nangaritza river. Antonio Jose Bolivar became known there as an eccentric, reclusive man — but one very knowledgeable about the forest and hunting. Antonio Jose Bolivar Pronao is an old man from the Ecuador jungles. He retains part of his excellent physical condition and is quite dangerous. When he decides he will not talk or chew that day, he put them in a kerchief and in his pocket.

Antonio is a quiet, reclusive old man. He has long since given hope in humanity, which he considers a bunch of greedy, foolish idiots not worth of salvation. Only pure, tragic love seems worthy of redemption for him. That is the main reason why he enjoys reading about it in cheap romantic novels.

He greatly enjoys simple stories due to his lack of sophistication as a reader. It takes six or eight months of regular reading for him to finish your average novel. Antonio Jose Bolivar lives free and alone, with only a few friends. The main one is doctor Loachamin, a dentist circulating on the Nangaritza from settlement to settlement.

The mayor does not like Antonio, but he and the villagers know that the old man is knowledgeable about the forest. Thus, they will ask for his help when problems arise.

Antonio Jose Bolivar is a wise, very patient and quite perceptive man. He does not like foolishness, and appreciates people who care and listen. Do you think ocelots will cross the water with this weather? Sharing Related articles on Writeups. Tell me more about the game stats. Marital Status: Widowed. Group Affiliation: None. Eyes: Presumably brown. Hair: Presumably black. Related articles on Writeups. These numbers assume an ordinary gauge and load, not 12g 00 magnum as with combat shotguns written elsewhere on the site.


And so begins this masterpiece of storytelling set in the Ecuadorian jungle. Antonio Bolivar is our "old man" who gets his love stories - cheap romance novels - every six months from the visiting dentist. He lives in a small village called El Idilio on the banks of a tributary of the Amazon. The dentist travels by boat to the surrounding villages, setting up his "seat of suffering" on the quayside, where the "must be desperate" locals submit themselves to his particular brand of torture. When Antonio discovers that he can read, he describes it as "the most important discovery of his whole life.

Although written with a simplicity which verges on the childlike, this ecologically conscious novel set in the Ecuadorian Amazon certainly isn't slight. Dedicated to the memory of murdered ecological activist Chico Mendes, it finds Chilean exile Luis Sepulveda launching a determined defence of the native Shuar Indians of Ecuador, whose way of life is, inevitably, under threat from the encroaching white man.

Print Friendly. Antonio Jose Bolivar is a veteran woods runner of the Amazon. He spent much of his life deep in the jungle. He has killed men and beast alike, and is an expert outdoorsman and hunter.

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Shot in French Guyana in but not released in Australia until , the entire history of this film exemplified the many problems that come about trying to make "un-natural co-productions". The source material was a wonderful short novel by Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda, set anywhere in what might be called Amazonia. That the film itself manages to keep its integrity through all of this is a testament to the script and the actors rather than most of the many producers and the financiers. In the town of El Idilio, buried deep in the jungle on the bank of a small Amazon tributary, lives the old man, Antonio Bolivar. A simple man, Antonio has lived most of his life in the jungle and knows it intimately. Late in life, he has discovered that he can read. He reads romantic tales with great passion and shares this preoccupation with a local servant girl, Josefina. Together, through their common interest, they are falling in love.

Antonio Jose Bolivar Pronao

A killer ocelot is hunted down in the Amazon jungle by an old man. Native lore tells him it is sacrilege to slay her but, as a white man, he knows she must die. The novel dramatizes the ravages of Western civilization on the natural world. Luis Sepulveda is yet another strong and original writer from Chile' - Ursula K.

The dead sloth a native mammal of South America was needed for a little scene in which Nushino Victor Bottenbley , the local Indian leader who befriends the central character, Antonio Richard Dreyfuss , shoots the sloth with a blowpipe. In the scheme of things, the intimate scene between the two men over this sloth justified the cost.

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Vintage Read: The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, by Luis Sepulveda

Unable to return to his previous village, the poor forgive everything but failure, Antonio settles in the village of El Idilio the Idyllget a sense of how this. Honor, tradition, wisdom, all themes in a slight volume that readers will breeze through as danger mounts and admiration for the old man grows. Very nicely done.

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Sepulveda was born on October 4, , at Ovalle, north of the Chilean capital Santiago. He was arrested and jailed for treason for two-and-a-half years in under the military regime of Augusto Pinochet. He wrote of this dark period in La locura de Pinochet , Madness of Pinochet and other articles. Pinochet imposed a right-wing dictatorship that lasted 17 years, during which at least 3, people were killed or disappeared. Around 38, were tortured. After rights group Amnesty International intervened, Sepulveda was freed and escaped, living underground for nearly a year before being recaptured and sent into exile in

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

After secondary school in Santiago, he studied theatre production at the National University. He also acted as a mediator between the government and Chilean companies. After the Chilean coup of which brought to power General Augusto Pinochet he was jailed for two-and-a-half years and then obtained a conditional release through the efforts of the German branch of Amnesty International and was kept under house arrest. He managed to escape and went underground for nearly a year. He was rearrested and given a life sentence later reduced to twenty-eight years for treason and subversion.

By Luis Sepulveda - The Old Man Who Read Love Stories [Luis Sepulveda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excellent Book.








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