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Good looking guy but no matches on tinder

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Enter Stefan-Pierre Tomlin : Tinder's most 'swiped-right' man who unsurprisingly knows a thing or two about what makes a truly irresistible profile. In , the year-old model and presenter from London was named Tinder's most fancied men by the dating app. Although he originally thought it was all a "big practical joke", the singleton catapulted to fame overnight and has made a career out of his dating app tips and tricks - including a new single called Swipe Right. The model - who boasts over , followers on Instagram and is now dating X Factor hopeful Natasha Boon - claims his Tinder success was a result of being very active on the app. But with his tall 6ft 2in stature and savvy fashion sense, we can't help but wonder if it was more to do with his good looks - he IS a professional model after all.

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No Matches on Tinder? 20 Quick Fixes to Get More Matches

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And since the app is all about making a good first impression on someone who's listlessly swiping through profiles while taking a shit or lying in bed with a hangover, it's safe to say a lot can go wrong with those first impressions. With that in mind, we asked girls from all over Europe what they use Tinder for, and what will get them to swipe right or left. VICE: What's your biggest turn-off? Paz: A photo of them posing with something stupid like a bottle of champagne. Something that makes them look like a douchebag.

I don't like it when their first photo is of them showing off already. Also, if they're sitting on a car or something trying to be cool—it's so cringe. It's like, "nah! What would you swipe right for? Like maybe a photo of them smiling, having fun. I really like dogs, so if they have a puppy. Just a really laid back picture, not trying too hard. And a picture of them—not a group photo because then you don't know who's who.

What would make you want to talk to a guy? A genuine good opening line. Not just like "Hi. I play a lot of sports, so if they go "What kind of sports are you into? They genuinely want to find out about me, not like "hi, DTF? What would make a really uninteresting profile?

What would make you swipe left? A lot of guys put their heights on their profile. Or when people put stuff like "Going on holiday to Malaga, Malaga 2k16,"—no one fucking cares, mate! What would make you accept a first date? If they initiate meeting up, and if they make a genuine plan. I really like it when people are like "Do you want to go to this place? I've heard it's really nice. If they don't know where to go, do they even want to meet up?

Dennisa: I'm not on it anymore, but I used it a lot last summer. What made you download the app? I was single, and I had just moved to Paris, and I didn't know anyone. I thought it could be cool to meet new people.

So it was not just to flirt? No, just to meet new people. I matched with tourists, people from abroad like me with whom I could go around Paris and visit stuff. Did you end up meeting many people? I come from Indonesia, and I am a Muslim. I met this guy during Ramadan who wanted to convert to Islam. We stayed together for a month or so. But, apart from him, it never went farther than a first date. What makes you want to right swipe? I don't like blond boys.

Then, even if the person is not pretty, if they've got good, artsy pictures, I'm more likely to swipe right. I work in fashion and media so photos are important for me. Anything that pisses you off? I am Asian, so I hate it when the guys I matched with tell me things like "I've never been with an Asian before," or "I like the shape of your mouth. I don't give a shit that you've never been with an Asian girl, mate.

Margherita: I used it last year, for a few months. I wanted to meet new people, and I was curious to see how it worked. Then I got into a relationship, and I deleted it. And how did it work for you? Actually, it didn't work that well. I had tens of matches, but I went out with a girl only once. She was pretty weird but mostly boring. I ran away in the middle of the date. How often did you use it? When I was bored: on the bus, or while watching TV at home—like all social media.

You identify as bisexual. Do you go for guys or girls on Tinder? Basically, Tinder works like real life to me: I check out boys and girls, but at the end of the day, I go for girls. What does a profile picture need to work for you? Well, essentially I have to like her face and her attitude. I don't like selfies that are too sexy or provocative. I like girls who are not shy and are OK with their bodies.

It's great if they feel like showing them off, but then it doesn't have to become too much. The line is often very, very thin. Did you have a pickup line? Nope, no pickup line. If I really liked someone, I'd write to them; otherwise I'd just wait to be approached. I'd try to become friends with the other person first.

If they were fun to chat with, then we could go out for a beer. Lois: I was single, and it seemed like fun. It was mostly out of boredom, but also out of genuine curiosity after hearing all the success stories. But mostly just to have something to do while taking a dump.

What did you find the most annoying thing on Tinder? Pictures of guys with cats. That is so clearly meant to show that they also have a soft, sweet side.

Surely everyone sees right through that? And boring dudes in boring button-down shirts—that's also a big turn-off. Is there anything you do like about it? I had a photo of myself as the McDonald's clown on there, and that got some funny reactions.

One guy said, for example: "Nice McMuffins. Have you gotten any dates out of it yet? Once, almost. That guy was pretty hot, but before the date he said, "I have to admit something: I did gain a bit of weight recently. Iris: I had just broken up with my boyfriend. A friend saw that I was sad and told me to try out this app. Did you have any luck? I met my current boyfriend on Tinder.

We spoke for the first time in January and met in person after a week. We've been together ever since. What don't you like about Tinder?

Anyone with a smartphone can use it. I hated the fact that all these assholes think they can pick up chicks with lame pictures and status messages. You have to work at it, honey. Emily: I've been looking for girls but not for a relationship.

I just wanted to meet new people and try to have a good time with them. How long have you been using Tinder for? First I used it to look for boys for about a month, but then I uninstalled it.

Later, I went back on Tinder to date women.

We Asked Women What They Find Attractive on Tinder

And since the app is all about making a good first impression on someone who's listlessly swiping through profiles while taking a shit or lying in bed with a hangover, it's safe to say a lot can go wrong with those first impressions. With that in mind, we asked girls from all over Europe what they use Tinder for, and what will get them to swipe right or left. VICE: What's your biggest turn-off? Paz: A photo of them posing with something stupid like a bottle of champagne.

Listen, we all know how exhausting dating apps can be. It damn near breaks your thumb to sit at home and swipe on a Saturday night.

There are many possible explanations for the disappointing decline in matches many Tinder users — primarily men — have been experiencing. The following are the most likely theories, in my opinion. In all of the above cases it makes sense from a business perspective to limit organic matches just enough for people to get frustrated and decide to spend some money to help things along. I recently wrote an in-depth report on the ways Tinder has been screwing over its users and customers , but the worst impact of their business decisions is this:.

Tinder no matches or messages

That will get you 6x more matches than only using a single picture. Lots of guys skip the bio section on Tinder, preferring to let their photos do all the talking. Think about it as a chance to connect with her, in characters or less. Pilot, entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor and TV personality all cracked the top 5. Inject some humor into your bio — surveys have shown a sense of humor is a highly sought after trait in a man. And if you have no Tinder matches now, what have you got to lose? Regular users get one Super Like per day, so make sure you use it consistently. Upgrading to TinderPlus gets you an additional 4 Super Likes, which may be worth it if you live in a highly populated area with lots of attractive local women. According to the app, the increased exposure results in 10x the profile views, which should result in more matches for you.

No Matches on Tinder – 33 Tips to Get 5+ Matches Per Day

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. For a lot of people, the results of this social experiment, nobly undertaken by a bodybuilding enthusiast who calls himself Germanlifter , will be surprising. Others though will simply shrug their shoulders and wonder what the big deal is.

Understand that — to all these girls on Tinder — you are nothing except these few pictures on a screen.

When I was active on Tinder, I got new matches every single day. My single guy friends, though, would never seem to get any. When I researched it, I discovered some truths that were beneficial for my male friends to know.

10 Ways to Get More Matches on Tinder

Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of No ebrag, but I'm pretty good looking. No model or anything, but I like to think I'm pretty good looking.

Tinder has an algorithm called Elo. Matches loading indefinitely. It's not always instant, it's not always constant, and it's not always about you. You might start to think that you're ugly or not successful enough to impress Tinder matches. The higher in queue you are, the better. My messages aren't sending.

No matches on Tinder? This “trick” will help you change that

Normally, men need only to make basic changes and improve their approach to score with attractive women. Chicks dig guys with good smiles. Luckily for men, there are braces and teeth whiteners out there if their grill needs an overhaul. Once the teeth are in good shape, work on the smile in the mirror. The 1 biggest reason men get no matches on Tinder is their photos. Have you ever wondered why girls almost never look as good as in their photos? They are the masters of alteration. Only top-tier girls can pull off a blank Tinder bio, and half the time, those girls are Tinder bots anyway.

This guy experimented on Tinder dating, by pretending to be someone else. There hasn't been a SINGLE time where I have swiped yes, and there was no match.” Shock! is highlight the sheer power of good looks when it comes to the dating game. Being strongly attracted to someone physically is perfectly normal, but it.

The best way to make sure the girls know what you look like is by having a clear headshot photo with your shoulders in. Headshots say, here I am, this is what I look like and I am definitely the choice for a primary photo. If offered two bottles of wine, a tacky, cheap label or a beautiful, elegant label then we will always pick the better quality packaging. Think of the quality of your photos as your packaging, the better the quality of your photos the more appealing you will appear.

Getting Fewer and Fewer Tinder Matches? You’re not Alone.

By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches. Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. Download it here for free.

Why Do I Have No Matches on Tinder?






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