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Find the redguard woman reward

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Upon entering Whiterun for the first time you will overhear a couple of Alik'r Warriors talking to the Whiterun Guards about locating a Redguard woman. It turns out that they have been barred from entering the city, and one of them even has been to jail. Speak to them and they will request your help. It is also possible to encounter Alik'r warriors harassing any number of Redguard women throughout Skyrim. Talk to her, bringing up the Alik'r Warriors, she will take you upstairs to a private room. With dagger drawn she will ask you what you want with her.

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Skyrim:In My Time Of Need

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Swiftly approaching its seventh anniversary, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands as one of the most influential open world RPGs ever to see release. That said, there are tons of things to do and quests to complete, which may not be apparent to some players — some great, some pretty mediocre. To begin the quest, players must come across a man named Dervenin in Solitude who will entreat the Dragonborn to find his missing master.

Investigation such rumors eventually leads the player to Nelkir, a son of the Jarl. Nelkir is a strange boy seemingly bewitched by a woman whom he says whispers secrets to him from behind a locked door. Focusing on a trio of brothers who long ago seperated a powerful amulet into pieces during a disagreement, the Dragonborn is tasked with piecing together both the legend of the brothers and the amulet itself.

This quest can be started by speaking with an Imperial Guard named Telrav, who is apparently marooned on the side of a road near Nilheim. Telrav claims to have been attacked by a set of bandits and thanks the Dragonborn for coming to his aid.

He then escorts him back to his camp, where he instructs his fellow marauders to attack him. Forgotten Names is an interesting quest because it takes place in one of the more interesting areas of Skyrim : the Midden Dark, which is a booby trap-laden dungeon found beneath the College of Winterhold.

There, the player will come across a mysterious gauntlet surrounded by skeletons. Placing the rings back on the gauntlet will summon the notorious pirate Velehk Sain , who will either reward or attack the player based on their actions.

Forgetting About Fjola is a neat little quest involving deceit, decision making, and unrequited love. The quest begins in the North Tower of the relatively well-guarded Mistwatch Fort. Once there, a man will commission the Dragonborn to explore the location in search of his lost wife, Fjora.

Each of these items can be found at the end of a unique dungeon, which only adds to the already ridiculous amount of dungeon exploring there is to do in Skyrim. House of Horrors is something of a controversial quest among the Skyrim community, but it is worth completing thanks to its unique story.

The quest can be started after entering the city of Markarth and speaking to a man named Tyranus. Tryanus will ask the Dragonborn to search a nearby abandoned house for daedric activity, though he gets more than he bargained for when he encounters Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Schemes.

Completing this quest will award the player with a unique quest-specific weapon, the Mace of Molag Bal. Unfortunately, none of the scrolls work as intended, as they require the Dragonborn to be within melee range of his enemy when using them, and they make his targets explode, damaging everything in the area. To begin the quest, speak with Salma, a Redguard adventurer who will be arguing with her Argonian compatriot in front of the entrance to Ironbind Barrow. The Dragonborn will accompany this pair into the throne room of Warlord Gathrik deep within Ironbind Barrow where Beem-Ja, the Argonian mage, will attempt to sabotage the expedition.

Barbas has had a falling out with his master, Clavicus Vile. Vile agrees to mend their relationship if the Dragonborn travels to Rimerock Burrow and fetches the Rueful Axe for him. The issue here is that, though trekking across Skyrim with a talking dog initially sounds cool, Barbas never stays quiet. Strangely enough, he also speaks with what sounds like a thick Brooklyn accent, which makes absolutely no sense in context and makes the whole ordeal much more annoying than it should be.

It begins with a sinister air as a man in Solitude named Falk Firebeard tasks the Dragonborn with the investigation of Wolfskull cave, a mysterious area thought to be at the heart of a series of strange disappearances. Upon arrival, the player finds the cave to be teaming with necromancers and eventually encounters the head sorcerer and foils a plan to resurrect the Wolf Queen Potema Septim.

This was a well-designed quest with an excellent narrative structure and payoff, and it stands as perhaps one of the greatest non-essential quests in the game. To begin this side mission, speak with Onmund at the College of Winterhold after completing the Under Saarthal quest. The vendor will return the item if the Dragonborn retrieves a Grand Staff of Charming, which can be found in one of several dungeons, though this can be skipped altogether should the player have a high enough speech skill.

This quest is nothing more than a monotonous slog and can easily be skipped. This quest begins when the Dragonborn is approached by a courier who presents him with a message from Falk Firebeard.

Firebeard explains that Pot e ma Septim remains a threat and must once again be eliminated. This quest will provide the player with a leveled weapon andends the saga of the Wolf Queen. Once the Quest Rebuilding the Blades is complete, the player will be able to speak with a man named Esbern who is studying dragon lairs.

He then tasks the player with hunting down a dragon alongside some Blades followers. This would be fine, but this process must be repeated a total of eleven separate times to bring about a concrete end to the quest. Defeating dragons can be a great experience, but carrying out the task ad nauseum can quickly ruin the fun. At any period after the main quest is started, the Dragonborn may happen across a group of warriors requesting entrance to Whiterun to search for a fugitive Redguard woman.

Once she is found, the player can either side with her or with her pursuers, though both outcomes provide the player with a handsome reward. The draw here comes less from the actual gameplay and more from the generous amount of agency afforded to the player, an element unique to games of this sort. Once they are dealt with, Medresi and the Dragonborn will encounter a treasure-filled room in which the woman meets her tragic end thanks to a shifting staircase.

From here, the player is free to loot the room and tick off one more quest from their to-do list. He reveals to the Dragonborn that his ancestor Vighar is a vampire and has been freed from his tomb. What follows is a quest through the Bloodlet Throne, a dungeon not far from Falkreath. It may seem like a relatively by-the-numbers quest, but who could resist playing the role of vampire hunter one more time? The Elder Scrolls series is primarily concerned with battling dragons and completing epic quest lines.

The Book of Love is started when the player speaks with a woman named Dinya Balu in the town of Riften. What follows is a pretty involved story of love and loss, but it's so long-winded that most players will be aching to get back to their actual adventures by the time it all wraps up. Lights Out is among the most celebrated side quests in all of Skyrim , and it offers yet another cautionary tale concerning the nefarious intentions of some quest givers.

The quest starts when the player interacts with an Argonian named Jaree-ra in Solitude , who will inform the player of his plans to run aground and rob an Imperial ship.

Unbeknownst the the player, once the task is completed, Jaree-ra and his sister Deeja will make off with the loot and attempt to dispatch the Dragonborn. Depending on the faction with which the player chooses to identify, the questline will unfold in favor of one of these two sides. That said, though the background story surrounding the Skyrim Civil War is interesting, the actual gameplay associated with it is far past tedious.

Much of it revolves around taking a series of forts with a couple of allied soldiers, and it gets old quick. Fans of The Elder Scrolls lore may find it compelling, but others should just leave it alone. Ill Met By Moonlight is definitely one of the most interesting side quests available in Skyrim, though players need to be aware that, once they take it, they are pretty much forced to complete it. This quest can be obtained by speaking with a man named Sinding, who can be found in the Falkreath Jail.

Sinding will give the player the Cursed Ring of Hircine , which is equipped automatically. This ring has the power to transform the player into a werewolf at random, and it cannot be removed until the player hunts down a fabled White Stag.

In a game already littered with repetitive fetch quests, A Return to Your Roots is a pretty unwelcome inclusion. Now, Blackreach is admittedly a pretty cool place: a hidden, buried city littered with bio-luminescent fungus should be tons of fun to explore, but the scenery gets old quickly as the player must scour the place in search of a total of thirty Crimson Nirnroots.

Those who love scavenging through every last inch of a dungeon may get a kick out of this, but, for most players, the novelty will wear thin rather quickly. This quest can be obtained by entering Valthume, where a spirit by the name of Valdar will instruct the player to collect three urns and return them to him.

These vessels can be found throughout the dungeon, and, upon returning to Valthume, he uses them to reanimate the lich Hevnoraak , unbeknownst to the player. The Dragonborn must then send this awful enemy back to the grave, which will complete the quest. Evil is Waiting is a harrowing experience, and would definitely make for a great play on Halloween. To begin this quest not that anyone would want to , the player must speak with a woman named Edia in the town of Skaal Village.

She will complain that her son is looking to leave the village in hopes of fulfilling his dreams of becoming an adventurer. Nicholas can be found just around the corner and can be rather easily talked down in a matter of moments, and returning to his mother will complete the quest and reward the player with some pretty worthless alchemy ingredients. Waking Nightmare is pretty much the closest thing Skyrim players can get to inserting themselves into a Nightmare on Elm Street flick.

Beginning with a conversation with a Mara priest named Erandur in the town of Dawnstar , who will explain the the townspeople are experiencing nightmares as a result of the actions of Vaermina the Dreamweaver, a Daedric prince.

At the end, the player can either choose to dispatch Erandur and receive the Skull of Corruption or leave him be and allow him to reunite with his long lost companions. To begin the quest, speak with Olda in Dragon Bridge, who will complain about her husband hiding his adult beverages from her in a far-off cave.

Travel to the cave and fend off the three wolves guarding it to find a bunch of different beverages stashed there. From this point, the player may either return them to Olda or reunite them with Horgeir, her husband. Olda will reward the Dragonborn with around gold, while Horgeir will impart a one-point block skill increase, which he says is dodge a potential hit from an angry wife. Yet, unlike The Whispering Door, this one is actually worth experiencing.

To initiate this quest, either speak with innkeepers until they bring up rumors of a so-called cursed child or simply pick the lock to the Aretino Residence in Windhelm. Here, the player will encounter Aventus Aretino, an orphaned chilled attempting to summon the Dark Brotherhood to enact revenge on a hard-hearted member of the orphanage staff ironically named Grelod the kind. Nobody seems to like the Thieves Guild in Skyrim , and that may have something to do with the fact that many members of the guild are flat out annoying.

Beside that, none of the quests available through this guild involve any actual thievery, and many of them devolve into simple and repetitive dungeon-based fetch quests. Though some rare players may be innamered with the tale of betrayal and infighting in these quests, most players would do well to stay far, far away from this terrible guild and its stupid questline.

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In My Time of Need: Kematu or Saadia? (possible spoilers)

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Swiftly approaching its seventh anniversary, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands as one of the most influential open world RPGs ever to see release. That said, there are tons of things to do and quests to complete, which may not be apparent to some players — some great, some pretty mediocre. To begin the quest, players must come across a man named Dervenin in Solitude who will entreat the Dragonborn to find his missing master.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. In the quest: " In my Time of Need ". If you accept Kematu's request and help him capture Saadia, you may encounter a group of Thalmor Justiciars in the wild that carry a Justiciar Execution Order with your race and name.

Find the redguard woman reward

Most likely you will get it when you return from slaying the dragon near the western watchtower. You see the guards arguing with a group of outsiders. The guards tell them that they are not allowed in Whiterun, and to go back to where they came from. The Alik'r warrior will tell the guards that they are not causing any trouble. All they are asking is for the guards to look for a certain person. The guard says he does not care what they are doing and that they are lucky he did not toss them in jail after what happened, and tells them to get lost. The Alik'r warrior will tell the guard that this is not over, they will be back The Alik'r warrior turns to you now. They are looking for someone in Whiterun, and will pay good money for information. Ask him who they are looking for. He will tell you they are looking for a woman, a Redguard, a foreigner in these lands, like them.

"In My Time of Need" rewards?

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It is quite modern these days to let players make decisions in video games - and like so often before, the decision doesn't seem to matter at all, except economically like in GTA IV.

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Skyrim Walkthrough: In My Time of Need

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You will receive Gold if you choose to kill Kematu. Sometime after you speak with the Jarl, a pair of Alik'r warriors stand just at the entrance to Whiterun and beckon you over. Alternatively, you can start this quest by finding them elsewhere and approaching them as they are harrassing a Redguard woman They commission you to help them locate a Redguard woman hiding somewhere in Whiterun. They're willing to pay for any information you can find about this woman. She is the waitress named Saadia at the Bannered Mare. Here is where you are presented with two choices:.

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Saadia the redguard woman in Whiterun asked me to track down Kematu helping him capture Saadia)? I don't want to find myself later in game thinking Plus she rewards you with being able to stay in her tavern 13, - 20 posts - ‎15 authors.

Reward : written by Blackdove86 , not checked. After Irileth informs the jarl about the dragon attacking the Western Watchtower during Dragon Rising , you may come across guards looking for a Redguard woman in the city. You may also observe an argument between Whiterun guards and Alik'r Warriors regarding their presence in the hold, or you may find Alik'r Warriors interrogating Redguard women in the Skyrim wilderness. Speak with the Alik'r to start the quest.

In My Time of Need

This will get you the reward from Saadia and the gold that Kematu is carrying, without having to fight the rest of the Alik'r. With their leader defeated, she believes the rest of them will scatter, affording her some much needed safety for now. I can't keep running forever!

The initial part of this mission consists in finding Saadia. After that, you may choose how you want to behave towards the woman - help her or continue the quest and turn her over to Redguards. If you have completed the Dragon Rising main quest, upon heading Whiterun you should come across a couple Redguards wanting to get inside the city. The guards won't be willing to let them in, so the Nomads will have to turn back.

The Dragonborn encounters some Alik'r warriors in search of a Redguard woman.




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