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Aquarius man need space

Hi there! I noticed a lot of questions were asking about why their Aquarius men are disappearing or doing 's in the personality department. I can't talk for all of them, of course, and I'm not saying that this is even the right answer. All I know is that, as an Aquarius, I think I know what you are talking about. In my experience, it's not that us Aquariuses are displeased with you or that you did something wrong. When it comes to me, it's just that I am having a mental freak out.

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aquarius guy needing space....?

You are on page 1 2 3 out of 3. Sooo I have been with my aqua bf for about 2 and a half years.. Its been 3 months since then and now he suddenly needs "space". When it first happened, me being a leo i was dramatic and overeacted calling him non stop, crying, the LOT only because during our first year of dating he cheated on me and used the same excuse so I assumed this time was like the last time.

Any who after thinking it through and reading alot of these posts i kinda understood what he was going through.. He is saying that he is confused about the relationship and feels like he is in limbo and just needs to figure out what he is feeling..

Now i am just worried he might not figure it out or might enjoy his space and never come back, if i knew he is gonna get through it id wait no matter how long it takes but I'm just scared of waiting then having him end things for good.

What are the chances of aquarius men coming back from this and what is the best way i can handle it in his eyes!? I remember when i took my dog to the park for the first time and I took her off the leash we were on the far side of the park away from a busy road and the first thing the little cookiemonster did when she was released was run for the road where all the cars were and instinctively I bolted for for her crying her name but the more I ran the more excited she got so I did some quick thinking and just as she was reaching the road I turned the opposite way and started running and calling her name and she turned back instantly and chased me and I managed to get the leash on her and we're still together till this day Aquarians NEED time alone to process and decompress but mainly its to reflect on the good times and forget bad memories, Aquarians get over disputes easily given enough time but usually after a good sleep we find it hard to be cranky.

Being around someone who constantly requires your love and attention is trying for an Aqua and even though we can appear calm on the surface our blood can get acidic But when we need that alone time to refresh ourselves and get a broader view of the bigger picture and needy ppl constantly call and go cray on our doorsteps its another reminder why its so much easier for us to walk away.

Personally I don't make apologies for having my space especially when I'm with someone who can't look beyond their own ego and needs to see that having guilt free alone time to myself to me is exactly what an Epipen is to someone who has a food allergy who just ate shellfish.

You also said being a typical Leo you over reacted with the crying Keep asking yourself questions, the harder the questions are to answer or ask the better they are and the closer you get to seeing the truth of the whole situation..

Thanks guys.. I understand the whole the more I chase the more he will run.. So I have backed off a lot, I just know during his "space" he will see other people which is bothering me the most. Also I didn't talk to him for an entire day.. Trying to give him space and he got mad as if I had just randomly done this and was ignoring him which is quite common with him so my next question is.. Is no contact still the best way to go??? Mine was the same, and that phase lasted for a pretty long time.

The downside is that eventually, you realize that you have to stuff a lot of emotions to keep the relationship on track, if you want to keep it. The plus side is that your Aqua will make you learn to put those reactions in the right context and you'll eventually learn to avoid drama, which is a huge positive. The guys here are right on. Leave him to himself. He'll come back or he won't. I kept pushing, which only made things worse to the point that I broke up with him because the whole thing was getting old.

I went completely no contact. You have to understand this. Even if you beg and plea, when they come back they will leave again. It's hard because you do care and that person was such a big part of your life that you'll find yourself just wanting to reach out for simple things.

But don't do It! I've regretted it every time I've reached out first after. Take this time to really think if you want to stay with someone that has the potential to cheat on you again You deserve better, and even though starting over is hard, it's better than being with someone you don't trust. Best of luck to you! We have been bestfriends since were 13 years old, we grew up across the street from eachother so we were together alotttt so i know him like the back of my hand and he would do anything to be with me as we are in our 20's now.

Let me tell u as a fellow leo i know how u are feeling when u "freak out" and u wanna know answers NOW, u dont wanna wait or waste ur time i get that. But understand that an aqua is the exact opposite of you. If he cares about you and i know he does know that he is not going to go anywhere.

Even if for some reason he decides to break up he wont ever leave your life and u will always have a special place in his heart.

My bff dated a leo in high school and he LOVED her to the moon and back and would do anything for her. He tried very hard to get her back when she moved on but it was too late.

Till this day he always compares girls to her and says no one will ever be like her your aqua cares he does but let him breath let him do his own thing, he will come back. As far as the cheating goes i have heard of aquas cheating on leos before but if you give them hell about it they wont do it again.

Dont be scared to be tough with him. My bff aqua loves that i put him in his place sometimes. Goodluck leooo. Yes I know you're all right.. I just put so much effort into this relationship especially since we'd already broken up before that I didn't see this coming and it kinda blindsided me. Anyway found out through mutual friends that we out and met someone so maybe this isn't just about space.

He tells me I'm the best thing that ever happened to him and that he loves me so I just don't understand. And if you think he is just using this "space" thing to get to other girls then that is pathetic and if he needs a break to hook up with other girls then babe he is not for you.

Thanks guys for all your comments! I've decided to just let it go.. It's been a week and I'm feeling okay. Everything you're saying makes complete sense, I think in this case it's a matter of him being an Aquarius and also the immature still wants to mess around with girls side. Either way there's nothing I can do.

Where he needed space to see other people? He says he sees himself marrying me but feels like we met too soon because he hasn't "lived yet". Realistically I am 21 and he is only 23 so I don't and didn't see us getting to the age of marriage without mishaps like these where he would feel trapped or that he has committed too soon but I guess I just want to know the best way of getting through it and also when he did come back how it was?

Thanks in advance! You have to let it go and really mean it. We met at 19 and the back and forth, "I really like you but I'm not ready" schtick went on for 10 years. I can't count how many fights we had or how many times we broke up and still, neither one of us could stay away. During a pseudo "break", he got another girl pregnant.

She had his daughter. Things got real for him, but our relationship was still messy, if not moreso with a baby in the picture.

He still was playing games with me and at the ten year mark, I'd had enough. I was just done and over it. If I hadn't been vulnerable due to a family tragedy literally the week he called , I would have refused to see him. But he stepped up and did a complete Told me he loved me and always had, that I was the only woman who could ever understand him, included me in his daughter's life, and since then, I've never had a reason not to trust him.

Only recently he told me when I asked why he always ran and pushed me away that his feelings were too intense for me at that time, and he couldn't accept that he was that into someone. He wasn't ready for all that commitment and closeness. He didn't think that he would be able to be as good to me as I deserved.

He was right, and even now we have issues with intimacy and what each of us expects from a relationship. Like I said, there are a lot of compromises you have to make to make it work. I've had to really subdue my instinctive reactions to things he does that don't make any sense to me. I've had to realign my thinking in terms of what a relationship looks like.

He's incredibly stubborn, and so am I, but usually it's me that backs down and lets him have it his way. I can't say there isn't someone better for a leo woman, but we do at least understand each other very well. Better than most, I think:. Posted by sultrykitty You have to let it go and really mean it. Better than most, I think: I totally agree with everything you wrote. I feel like he does have a sixth sense.. When we broke up a few months ago it was me who broke up with him and during the break up he would beg and beg for us to work it out and he'd say things I'd never heard him say before..

I'd stopped trying and I just didn't want to be with him. This went on for a. I totally agree with everything you wrote. This went on for about 3 months. And now that we're back together I've given him a few signs that I'm in it for the long run etc as a way of earning his trust and bam.. Needs space. That's the only explanation I have for it, he only really cares when I don't care as much. Which sucks for me because I want to be able to show my love for the person I'm with and make them feel loved But he takes advantage of that Thanks so much for your response!!

It's given me a much better insight on what may be going through his head. He cheated on you n now he's emotionally abusing you by taking time out to probably treetrunk other people.

Why Aquarius men disappear

So, what is the Aquarius man really looking for in a woman? Aquarius men appreciate women who are outspoken and strong. He loves independence and fire within. The woman he settles down with must embrace her own inner warrior. However, she must be strong enough to do her own thing, embrace spending time apart, and when together, be brave enough to stand up for herself.

Building a long-term relationship with an Aquarius is a kind of challenge. All of you Aquarians are great, but when you get into a relationship you cause your partners a lot of trouble. The solution?

I don't know because it can vary between people. It can be from hours to days to weeks. Usually air signs need space because air signs operate on a mental level. They need space and time to think.

11 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Aquarius

When it comes to dating and relationships, astrology can help a lot. It can pinpoint to you exactly where the cracks in the lines appear which mark your relationship with someone else. Here, we will talk about Aquarians alone the often difficult to handle and leaves quickly squad. But there is always more than meets the eye. An Aquarian might be a hard nut to crack. Yet, here we have outlined some basic things you can adopt if you want to build a healthy relationship with an Aquarius. They need their space. Sometimes that can be too much, sometimes too little.

How To Chase And Attract An Aquarius Man And Be His Only Woman

Aquarians are the independent weirdos of the world, often creative and quite unique. Granted, this makes dating somewhat interesting. Aquarius has emotions that run deep as a puddle. Though they can sometimes be temperamental as a result, Aquarians are rather emotional.

You are on page 1 2 3 out of 3. Sooo I have been with my aqua bf for about 2 and a half years..

Love is a splendid thing, isn't it? We act like there's some way we can do it right, as if there's something we can do, or not do, to keep things from flying off the rails. In truth, if you're supposed to be with someone, there's really nothing you can do — or not do — to keep that from happening.

What Is The Aquarius Man Really Looking For In A Woman?

Although he has a tendency to be emotionally aloof and distant, the Aquarius man will fill your life with art, interesting conversations, and an undying devotion that will have you feeling loved and adored. Have your eyes set on this zodiac sign? Instead, develop a neutral, platonic relationship with him first. If he writes songs, then listen to them and tell him what you think.

Much can be learned from any zodiac sign. Maybe this is a little more interesting to women who want to know if they are karmically connected to a man and how much he suits them. However, we must say that more and more men are paying attention to this as well. Let's take a look at Aquarius, one of the greatest lovers of the horoscope. People born under the sign of Aquarius are intelligent, easy-going, very kind and passionate. Their ruling planet is Uranus and their element is air.



Feb 11, - Although Aquarius women need more space than Aquarius men, it is still a crucial thing to keep in mind when dating an Aquarius guy.


9 Things to Adopt For a Healthy Relationship with an Aquarius


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