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13 Meetup Groups You Need to Join If You’re New to Tech

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GeekGirl Meetup is a feminist network for people interested in all things tech, design, and startups. Our ambition is to highlight female role models in the industry, create networks for knowledge exchange, mentoring and sharing ideas — and, of course, to have fun!

We talk regularly at events in order to encourage others to do so. We can also provide a list of other great women within talking in the industry. We arrange monthly breakfast meetups and a yearly conference thus creating a platform for all participants to share their knowledge and inspiring stories with other GeekGirls. The network started in Sweden in by two ladies who were missing female participation at tech conferences. They decided that a tech conference with only female speakers were the way forward and the GeekGirl movement was born.

Today you can find brilliant GeekGirl communities around the world, locations include Sweden, Mexico, Singapore and Denmark. Ania Kubow is co-founder at Nimbla — a fintech app for Small Business for protecting their invoices. Ania already has one exit under her belt in the form of an ecommerce business she started at the age of 23, whilst working on trading floors of London.

She loves to be the voice for entrepreneurs all over the world, and has frequently been featured by the likes of Daily Mail, Telegraph, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc, Buzzfeed, FS and many more. Can help with advice on technologies and ways to cut down unnecessary costs - as well as what to avoid! There are a lot of traps out there when you are first starting out. Many people don't realise how much of it you can do yourself. If I had someone like that when I first started my own business, I would have saved buckets of money.

Chloe is a proactive problem solver passionate about innovation and growth. She loves a good challenge, big or small, and firmly believes that given enough time and resources, she can achieve any goal.

Can help with small and large organisations developing a portfolio of innovations, finding the best way forward through experimentation while merging user and business needs. Also expert in change management, defining new internal cultures and implementing upskilling strategies to empower all internally for greatest impact externally.

Danni works for a Media agency in an innovation team. Her job is to build partnerships between start-ups or tech companies and large organisations, to help them collaborate on projects together and experiment with new technology.

Can help with advice if you're interested in start-ups and corporate innovation, or marketing and media technology. She is also really keen to make sure that GeekGirl Meetup is relevant for as many people as possible, so if you have any ideas about how we can be even more inclusive, then let her know! Emma moved from working in business development to being a developer via a Camden coffee shop basement, where she learnt to code with Founders and Coders.

She works at the Guardian as a developer although she recently took a six month sabbatical to cycle the south to north of Japan. She will buy a matcha for anyone who wants to talk about cycling in Japan or Scala! As she fell in love with startups, tech and innovation she has made it her personal mission is to inspire and empower more women to build a career in technology. Can help with connecting with corporates, startup advice, building communities, partnerships, growth strategy etc.

Mergime is currently a UX Designer at Publicis. Sapient London, but started out working in Finance back in her native Zurich. That was half a life ago though. Can help with any questions around career change, but also UX and Design related as she completely changed careers in her early 20s, and moved from Finance into Design. Sarah works for tech PR agency CCgroup as Deputy Head of Mobile and Telecoms, where she helps technology companies tell stories driven by data, insights and market specialism.

After moving to London from Spain in , Sarah caught the tech bug through volunteer work with the Web Summit, before helping to launch non-profit CoderDojo in the UK. Cathy is the founder of CEW Communications. She works with startups and the organisations that support them. Cathy was previously head of communications for Tech City UK, an organisation to accelerate the growth of digital startups and skills in the UK, and previously communications and marketing manager for Seedcamp, the first round fund that invests in pre-seed and seed stage tech startups.

Georgia is an analyst at MIDiA Research, producing consumer insights and tactical reporting for the technology x culture space.

She co-runs a music community, locodia, which investigates the financial fortunes of the independent music sector via a radio show and event series. Georgia's on the London board for women in music network, shesaid. What is GGM? How it all started The network started in Sweden in by two ladies who were missing female participation at tech conferences.

GeekGirl Meetup UK. Meet the GGM Team. Ania Kubow. Chloe Mackie. Danni Beechey. Emma Milner. Can help with learning to code, career changes in to tech, cycling haikus. Magda Kron. Sarah Walker. Can help with PR, storytelling and marketing, content and events. Cathy White.

Can help with press, marketing, and general advice on speakers and events. Georgia Meyer. Can help with contacts and knowledge of the MusicTech space. Click for more details on our events.

Montreal all-girl hack night announces first meetup of the new year

Volunteer coaches needed - any gender welcome - for this awesome Meetup group. Not enough women are entering STEM careers and we want to do our part in changing that. Yes, we're definitely trans-inclusive, we welcome all women from all paths of life.

An event for women in technology to hang out, talk tech, and occasionally hack on cool projects. We run talks, have hack nights, and

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Hey everyone, We can all agree that London is a great city, so much to see and do! But I found that making lots of friends in this big city can be easier said than done. I've set up this group so we can all make friendships with like-minded women, no matter what your circumstances are and you've found yourself looking for new girl friends in London. You may be new in London or you want to widen your circle of friends. I have purposely set the age criteria to because if you're young at heart, you are more than welcome!

The annual event each Summer is a 2-day immersive program that inspires girls ages to break the gender gap, peek their interest into the world of tech, and not be afraid of leadership roles. The primary goal of GLAM is for each girl to feel nurtured and empowered to define and articulate their dreams with the tools needed to create a vision and plan for the future.

GeekGirl Meetup is a feminist network for people interested in all things tech, design, and startups. Our ambition is to highlight female role models in the industry, create networks for knowledge exchange, mentoring and sharing ideas — and, of course, to have fun! We talk regularly at events in order to encourage others to do so. We can also provide a list of other great women within talking in the industry.

New in Brussels and eager to meet fun, inspiring, open international minded women? Come join GGI Brussels! We organise Brunches, Night-outs, After work drinks, The purpose of each event is to have fun and meet new people.


Welcome to our community! The female factor supports driven women in paving their path towards fulfillment in their career and personal life by providing dedicated workshops, mentorship and get-togethers with like-minded people. Become part of the inner circle now and get access to highly curated, impactful workshops, mentor sessions, and exclusive events. We believe that female factors like empathy, intuition and optimism work towards the benefit of every company. We believe in diversity as a key factor of innovation and growth.

The next step? Connecting with other techies in the community. Taking your learn-to-code journey offline and joining meetup groups can expand your circle and push your career to the next level. At a meetup, you may get advice from other women who have walked in your shoes, find freelancing opportunities, uncover a resource to get unstuck, or even be introduced to a potential employer. If you live in a medium or large city, you should be able to find a local chapter. If not, you can start one! I know countless stories of new coders founding chapters of Meetups to establish a local community.

Oct 2, - GeekGirl Meetup is a feminist network for people interested in all things tech, design, and startups. Our ambition is to highlight female role.

Join our group if you want to learn about programming or if you are a woman working in the area and would like to connect to others. Are you interested in how Machine Learning actually works? In this beginner friendly remote session you will get an introduction to general topics in machine learning, for example the difference between supervised unsupervised learning.







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